Our Services

Technical Assistance Finpedia offers a full-suite service that starts with user acquisition and goes all the way to loan disbursement. Here’s the range of services that we offer:
  • Customer Management
  • Authentication
  • Blacklisting
  • Loan Management
  • Risk Management Engine
  • Manual Review
  • Post-Loan Management
  • Collection Management
  • Repayment
User Acquisition We set you up for success on our multichannel platforms. The result is a stellar digital presence with access to a user base of over a million. The integration options we present consist of APK, half-API and API with full support of our highly experienced technical team.

Who Can Partner with Us?

Banks Thanks to our proprietary technology that generates leads with high conversion potential, some of the biggest names in the banking industry trust us. We are the perfect marketplace to showcase financial products for a robust digital presence and high conversion rates. NBFCs We extend our technological know-how to Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) of all sizes, helping them offer user-friendly digital experiences to customers. We offer operational and marketing support to boost revenue, cut costs and reach the right users. FinTechs From virtual credit cards to personal loans, we are the perfect marketplace for FinTechs to host their financial products. With years of international experience in the industry, we bring the best of global practices to help FinTechs grow both financially and technologically. DSAs (Direct Selling Associates) Personal loan DSAs are always on the lookout for high-quality leads. At Finpedia, we understand that. We offer a monthly subscription plan designed specifically for DSAs. Besides, we list the DSAs on our app so that potential borrowers can get in touch with them directly. Offline NBFCs India is home to several NBFCs but not many are online. Finpedia offers digitisation services to offline NBFCs in a cost-effective manner. Offline NBFCs do not need to hire any technical experts for this business expansion effort.